Tarnovo Ultra 2018

 What is Tarnovo Ultra?

The first Ultramarathon of Veliko Tarnovo – The old Capital of Bulgaria. We started in 2016 and we are not quitting any soon!

When will Tarnovo Ultra 2018?

On 15 April 2018 (Sunday) The start and finish area will be at the heart of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom – Tsarevets Fortress in Veliko Tarnovo

What is the competition program of Tarnovo Ultra 2018?

  14 April 2018 (Saturday)

18:00 - 19:45 – Registration and starting package collect – the Panoramic platform for "Sound and Light" spectators  (address: Todor Lefterov Str. 7)

18:00 – 19:30 – The Multimedia visitor centre (wax statues museum) is open – next to registration and Tsarevets Fortress  (address: )

19:45 – Technical conference – the Panoramic platform for "Sound and Light" spectators – Veliko Tarnovo (address: Todor Lefterov Str. 7)

after 20:00 – Audio-visual programme "Tsarevgrad Turnov in Sound and Light"

  15 April 2018 (Sunday)

7:00 –8:30 - registration and starting package collect – finish arena - Tsarevets Fortress
43°04'58.31"N  25°39'03.55"E
UNTIL 08:45 – Time for all competitors in 35km MTB, 25km and 45km trail running to move to the start

08:45 – Technical information, demonstration of electronic system and marking and safety discussion for 35km MTB at the Start – Trapezitsa hill
43°05'15.89"N  25°38'52.146"E
09:00 – Start of 35km MTB - Trapezitsa hill – (The first 500m are out-of-competition)

09:15 - Technical information, demonstration of electronic system and marking and safety discussion for 25km and 45km Trail Running at the Start – Trapezitsa hill

09:30 – Start of 25km and 45km Trail running Trapezitsa hill (The first 500m are out-of-competition)

10:15 - Technical information, demonstration of electronic system and marking and safety discussion for 10km Trail Running at the Start – Trapezitsa hill

10:30 – Start of 25km and 45km Trail running Trapezitsa hill (The first 500m are out-of-competition)

Approximately 15:00 – Prizegiving ceremony


-    The finish arena is at the main fortress of the second Bulgarian Kingdom – Tsarevets.
-    The start is in Trapezitsa Hill
-    Calculate 30 minutes to move from the Finish to the Start
-    Competitors, who have registered and have taken their starting packs on 14.04.2018 can move directly to the start
-    Luggage left at the start will be transported to the finish. This will be done after the start ot the 10km Trail at 10:30 o’clock
-    For the date 15.04.2018, thanks to our partners from the Regional History Museum, the entrance in the two fortresses – Tsarevets and Trapezitsa will be free for everyone – you don’t need special accreditation to enter.


Competitors will be awarded only by the category in their registration. For example: If you have registered in 40+ Category, and you are 1st in it, but you are at the same time 2nd in the below 40 category, you will be awarded only the 40+ 1st place prize. The other way around – if you are 40+ but have registered in below 40, you will be awarded only in below 40, and nowhere else.

-    Signs, nylon tapes and color spray. Detailed information will be given on the technical conference on 14.04.2018 and just before every start.
-    The marking is with the color of the track. If two or more of the tracks go through the same route, there will be tape for every track. In addition, in some places you will see orange spray.
-    Tape “Attention” red-white stripes – only for dangerous parts of the route. Especially for 35km MTB – if you see it, reduce speed dramatically, and be prepared to step down from the bike.
-    The marking is quite dense – if you don’t see sign or tape in 150-200 metres, you’ve most probably missed a sign.
-    In addition, GPS-tracks are available for advance running and GPS-device usage.


-    In the tech. info division on the official site, you will find information for the position and type of the aid stations for every race.
-    The stations will be closed with nylon tapes and competitors will not be allowed to leave with plastic or paper cups
-    We hope all runners will act respectfully and protect the nature


-    The biggest part of the tracks are tourist routes and we are asking competitors to be very careful when seeing tourists
-    10k, 25k and 45k trail. Many parts with high grass and stones – we advise running with long socks and well-cushioned and aggressive trail shoes. There will be muddy parts. Closely to the finish, there is a technical descent, which, combined with tiredness, can lead to unpleasant injuries. Descent with care. Significant part of the route is on meadows, so in hot weather, we advice running with sunguard hat.
-    35km MTB – The first 1200m from the route are asphalt and wide track. Then you have 5km of technical and narrow track, where overtaking is very hard. Dangerous parts are marked with tape with white and red stripes. If you see it, be prepared to step down from the bike. When crossing roads, obey the instructions from police and organizers. 3km from finish, there is a steep descend with parts with more than 15-20% gradient. Be very careful there, as there are tourists, going upwards. Also, do not underestimate the last ascent into the fortress.


The race can be left if you have both:
-    Contacted the organizers on the phone on your bib number
-    Returned your electronic SI-card at the finish


There is no cutoff time for the finish.
Control times for Arbanassi point:
10km trail – until 14:00 (4km from the start)
25km Trail – until 14:00 (10km from the start)
45km Trail – until 14:00 (20km from the start)
35km MTB – until 12:30 (15km from the start)


-    SportIdent time-measurement system will be used. For the 35km MTB it will be contactless.
-    The organizers give you a electronic chip – SI Card, which should be attached to the competitor at all times and should be given back, directly at the finish. Lost, broken or not-returned card should be paid by the competitor – 39,85 or 139 leva depending on the type.
-    On every track there are some control points, and the competitors should mark them , when passing them. Missed control means violation of the route, and the runner is disqualified.
-    Detailed information and demonstration will be carried out at the technical conference before the start.
-    Electronic cards (SI Cards) will be given in the starting packages.
-    After the finish (or DNF) every competitor should hand back the SI Card at the start-finish area.


– Every competitor can give to the organizers at the start arena (09:00 at latest) spare parts and instruments, that will be transported from the organizers to a specified place at the middle of the route.
-    Everything should be well packed and signed with the numbers of the competitors, allowed to use it
-    Spare parts and instruments will be transported back to the finish arena 15:00 at latest


Ivan Dimitrov + 359 888 375 247
Nikolay Dimitrov + 359 887 22 68 87
Andrey Abadzhiev + 359 895 544 312
Ivan Sirakov  + 359 878 56 11 66
Kalin Penchev +359 887 536 226